4 Workers’ Comp Benefits Available in Tennessee

available workers comp benefits

available workers comp benefitsAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

When a worker is injured, they can receive medical and compensation benefits through Tennessee’s “no-fault” Workers Compensation system. The only requirement needed to make a claim is for the injury to happen during the course of work and because of the nature of one’s job. When injured, your employer is responsible for making the compensation payments either through the employers themselves or their insurance company. Below are some of the benefits that are available in Tennessee.

  1. Medical Treatment

When you are injured at work, your employer will provide you a list of three physicians from which you can choose one for medical treatment. The physician must be in or near your local community. It is a requirement that you must see that physician for treatment and should not seek any additional physician unless referred. If you don’t like the physician you initially chose, you may ask your employer or the insurance company to offer an additional panel of doctors. They may or may not provide such a list. You can get a second opinion from another doctor, but the expenses incurred may be out of your pocket and not applicable to the company’s insurance coverage. If there are any work restrictions imposed due to the injury, they will only be followed by the employer if provided by the authorized physician.

  1. Income While Healing

If your injury is significant enough where your physician will not allow you to return to work for more than seven days, you may be able to receive temporary disability. Any worker that is injured will not receive income for the first seven days, but beginning on day eight, they will begin receiving income. Each day will add to the income up until missing two weeks of work. Once you have missed two weeks of work, you will be entitled to the income missed for both weeks. How much will be my benefit amount? Each job has a different payment amount; therefore, you would receive sixty-six and two-thirds percent of your weekly income.

  1. Permanent Injury Compensation

Sometimes a full recovery after an injury can be difficult. When you suffer from a permanent injury, the workers’ compensation physician will provide a disability rating by noting the area of your body that has been injured. If you are released by the physician with a low rating, you should contact an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer in Tennessee to see if the rating is fair and accurate. The rating the physician provides will directly correlate to the amount you receive for compensation. Your worker’s compensation attorney in Johnson City, Michael R. Munsey, can set up an independent exam as a second opinion regarding the impairment.

  1. Death Benefits

When a work injury causes death, the spouse or child may be compensated for fifty percent of the deceased worker’s income based on their income each week. Whether a spouse, a child, multiple children, or other family members depended on the deceased for income, they may be eligible to receive some compensation based on the former worker’s weekly income. If the deceased worker has no living relatives, a lump sum payment may be made to the estate of the deceased. When anyone other than your employer is at fault partly or wholly, there may be additional compensation from third-party claims.

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