Tips to Avoid Spooky Injuries this Halloween

happy halloween

happy halloweenAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

Halloween is generally viewed as a fun holiday for children and adults alike. Pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and hayrides are associated with enjoying this enjoyable holiday, although not without some risks. A well-respected personal injury attorney in Johnson City, The Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., wants to share some tips on how to avoid a spooky injury this Halloween while still enjoying the festivities.

Halloween is the fourth-most common time of year that children get holiday-related injuries, according to a report published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Unfortunately, these injuries often wind up requiring a trip to the emergency room – not how anyone wants to spend their holiday! In fact, many of these injuries are due in part to hand cuts from pumpkin carving, or from trips and falls due to a costume.

Here’s how to protect you and your kids:

  1. Pumpkin Carving Safety – Most people just go to the kitchen and grab a big sharp knife to carve a pumpkin. But that’s not the best idea. They make pumpkin carving tools for a reason. These tools are much safer and require force actually to cut yourself. You may not want to spend money on something you use only once a year, but it’s worth spending a few bucks on to keep you and your family safe this Halloween. Plus, remember to monitor your child as they are pumpkin carving, or do it for them if they aren’t old enough to do it safely and follow your instructions. Better to be safe than sorry!
  2. Dress Appropriately – Kids love to dress up for Halloween (hey, even us adults like the excuse to do it too!). But, trips and falls from an overly large costume or one that drags on the ground are responsible for injuries. Be sure that you send your child out wearing a costume that fits appropriately, and that doesn’t have accessories that drag or would hinder their walking ability.
  3. Light up the Night – Kids are more likely to be hit by a motor vehicle on Halloween than any other time of the year. Make sure that your child wears clothing that makes them visible to others and drivers. Have them wear glow sticks, bracelets, or necklaces to make them more visible to drivers. You could even adorn their costume with light reflective tape or reflectors, or have them carry a flashlight.
  4. Watch Your Step – Halloween gives the term yard ornaments a whole new meaning this time of year. Homeowners like to decorate their lawns and porches with décor, so be sure to remind your kids to watch where they step. This is where having a flashlight could really come in handy! Instruct your child also only to walk along well lite pathways, and avoid going through someone’s yard where they could trip over extension cords, or other items draped across the lawn.
  5. Raid the Loot Bag – Kids all around the country will be trick or treating on Halloween, bringing home a sack full of loot. You should plan on going through their candy to remove any food items that may cause an allergic reaction, choking hazard, or any products that appear to have been tampered with or opened. And, go ahead, enjoy some of your favorite treats while you’re at it, we won’t tell!

We hope that everyone has a safe and fun Halloween this year. Don’t let the fear of any dangers keep you and your family from enjoying the festivities. Just take precautions to play it safe.

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