6 Things that make a Great Nursing Home

what makes a great nursing home

what makes a great nursing homeAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

Making a choice to put your loved one in a nursing home can be a difficult time for everyone in the family. It comes with a lot of stress, worries, and fears that you and your family will choose the right healthcare facility. With recent reports stating that 11 nursing homes in Tennessee are severely failing, which means they have a significant number of unreported falls, unexplained bruises, untreated bedsores, and more, it can be hard to know if you’re choosing the right one. Furthermore, a report released during the summer of 2019 stated that there are about 400 underperforming nursing homes in the U.S.

None of this news is comforting, but the Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., want to share with you six things to look for that make a great nursing home.

  1. The staff and caregivers are respectful

This should be one of the first things that you notice about the facility. From the time you call to gather information to any time you drop in for a visit, everyone on staff should seem friendly and respectful. Just like you wouldn’t want to frequent a restaurant or other type of business where employees were rude or off-putting, you certainly wouldn’t want to leave your loved one’s care in the hands of a disrespectful caregiver. It might also be helpful to notice how the staff interact with the other residents and visitors as they drop by the facility.

  1. The facility serves good, healthy food

One of the main reasons your loved one may be needing long-term healthcare is so that they will be served nutritious food that they otherwise are unable to prepare for themselves. This is important for their health and well-being. During your tour of the facility, ask to see a menu, and even drop by the cafeteria or dining room to see what the food looks like. You might also want to ask to sample some of the food just to see for yourself how well it tastes. A nursing home that serves unhealthy or poorly prepared food is not a good sign, so steer clear!

  1. There are fun activities for the residents

Keeping the elderly active, as much as they are able while keeping their minds sharp is essential to their health. Most nursing home residents probably have restrictions on their physical abilities, but that does not mean they cannot be apart of activities and interact with others. The last thing you want for your loved one is for them to be secluded in their room 24/7. So, ask the coordinator about the fun activities they have, how often they are hosted, and how your loved one could participate.

  1. It feels like home

Nothing could feel worse than having to leave your loved one at a nursing home that feels the opposite of home. Hopefully, you never have to experience that feeling! We always suggest going with your gut. What’s the impression you get when you walk into the nursing home you are considering? Does it feel warm and inviting? Does it feel as much like home as you can get? Remember, nothing is going to feel exactly like being at home, especially for your elderly loved one, who may even be reluctant about the idea of going into a nursing home. But, try to choose one that has similar comforts as home. This will help your loved one have an easier time transitioning to their new way of life.

  1. The facility is kept clean and safe

This, of course, is vital to your loved one’s health and safety. You want to be sure the facility is kept clean to prevent the spread of diseases and sicknesses. Ask the coordinator about the facility’s cleaning and safety protocol. Find out how residents are kept safe during potentially disastrous situations, such as severe weather, and from current residents that could possibly cause harm to others.

  1. The facility offers amenities

Some nursing homes offer additional amenities, other than planned activities that are provided to their residents. You might find nursing homes that offer salon services, shops, movie theaters, and the like. The purpose of these amenities is to help the patients feel more at home and independent. But, don’t let these attractive amenities draw your attention away from the details we mentioned above. No matter how fancy a nursing home facility may seem, don’t allow any wiggle room on your other checklist points that we listed.

As you can see, there are quite a few points to consider when looking for the best nursing home for your elderly loved one. It is vital to choose the best yet affordable facility to keep your loved one safe and healthy. Elder abuse is real, and no one would want their loved one neglected or treated poorly. Do your due diligence, and hopefully, you will choose a facility that makes you and your loved one feel at ease.

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