6 Tips on Avoiding a Car Accident During the Holidays

avoid a car accident this holiday

Abingdon, Bristol and Johnson City Traveling to visit your loved ones for the holidays seems to be the norm. During the holiday season, more traffic passes on the roadways than any other time of year. Unfortunately, a carefully planned visit can be ruined by a car accident. With a higher number of vehicles on the road, there are increased chances … Read More

4 Workers’ Comp Benefits Available in Tennessee

available workers comp benefits

Abingdon, Bristol and Johnson City When a worker is injured, they can receive medical and compensation benefits through Tennessee’s “no-fault” Workers Compensation system. The only requirement needed to make a claim is for the injury to happen during the course of work and because of the nature of one’s job. When injured, your employer is responsible for making the compensation … Read More

6 Things that make a Great Nursing Home

what makes a great nursing home

Abingdon, Bristol and Johnson City Making a choice to put your loved one in a nursing home can be a difficult time for everyone in the family. It comes with a lot of stress, worries, and fears that you and your family will choose the right healthcare facility. With recent reports stating that 11 nursing homes in Tennessee are severely … Read More

4 Ways to Deal when a Driver has Road Rage

dealing with road rage

Abingdon, Bristol and Johnson City It’s closing in on the end of the year, which means significant holidays are just around the corner. This time of year may make you feel grateful and joyful, although that isn’t the case for some people. Stress, family, or work problems can put people on edge. And in some cases, the hustle and bustle … Read More

4 Tips to Stay Safe Riding a Motorcycle

stay safe riding motorcycle

Abingdon, Bristol and Johnson City The crisp fall air is perfect for cruising on your motorcycle. Whether you are heading out to meet up with friends, or out for a joy ride to enjoy a sunny fall afternoon, a personal injury attorney in Kingsport, Michael R. Munsey, has four tips to help motorcycle drivers stay safe on the roads. Riding … Read More