4 Ways to Deal when a Driver has Road Rage

dealing with road rage

dealing with road rageAbingdon, Bristol and Johnson City

It’s closing in on the end of the year, which means significant holidays are just around the corner. This time of year may make you feel grateful and joyful, although that isn’t the case for some people. Stress, family, or work problems can put people on edge. And in some cases, the hustle and bustle of the holidays seem to escalate anxiety and stress, which, unfortunately, may reflect in someone’s driving. We are talking about road rage.

What causes road rage?

Road rage is often caused by one or more drivers acting recklessly on the road, such as changing lanes too quickly, driving too closely to the vehicle ahead, or pulling out in front of another vehicle. Unfortunately, road rage can result in a serious life or death situation, especially if an altercation occurs between drivers. Too often, we all encounter road rage, so car wreck attorney in Kingsport, Michael R. Munsey, has four ways to help you deal with these annoying, and often unsafe drivers.

  1. Don’t engage

Road rage can take place in many forms, but the best way to handle a situation like this is not to engage with the other drive. Avoid trying to antagonize them by boxing them in, or trying to teach them a lesson. That is not your job. Instead, ignore them. As much as you may want to drive up next to them at the next stoplight or whizz by them on the interstate, just ignore their behavior. Giving in to or provoking their road rage will only make matters worse, and you could end up in a serious situation if the other driver is armed.

  1. Keep a safe distance

We know what it is like to experience a driver with some serious road rage. While it is tempting to ride their bumper, or get back at them, don’t. You could end up causing a wreck or making another driver mad. Instead, just maintain a safe distance away from the driver. If you are able, switch routes to avoid being around them entirely, even if it means you might run a little late getting to your destination.

  1. Avoid yelling or using hand gestures

Wanting to yell out the window or use hand gestures (you know the kind!), is not helpful. It only infuriates the other driver even more, and it distracts your focus from driving, which could prove to be dangerous for others around you. So, as much as you may be tempted to yell at or use hand gestures toward the other driver, just don’t!

  1. Drive safe – always

You are in control of your vehicle, regardless of what drivers do. In other words, it is up to you to decide to drive safely and abide by the rules of the road. Maintain a safe speed at all times. Use your turn signal to indicate your intentions. Avoid braking suddenly or changing lanes quickly (especially without using your turn signal). Always maintain a safe distance with the vehicles in front of you. And use the left lane for passing only. Follow the rules of the road, and be considerate, and you will be less likely to encounter a driver with road rage.

Car Wreck Attorney in Kingsport

If you ever not feel safe because of the actions of a road-raged driver, pull over in a safe area and call the authorities. If you have been the unfortunate victim of a road-raged driver that caused you to experience an accident and suffer from injuries, contact the Law Offices of Michael R. Munsey, P.C., for a free consultation. You deserve to receive compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to a negligent driver. To learn more, contact our office at (276) 451-2056. We provide legal services to Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport, Tennessee, as well as Bristol, Virginia.